My Home is on the Mountain


MidWest Book Review

"Truly extraordinary"

A deftly crafted and inherently fascinating novel by an author with a genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative driven storytelling that keeps its readers enthralled from first page to last, "My Home is on the Mountain" by Caro Clarke is truly extraordinary and highly recommended.

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The Lesbian 52

"This book shows how magnificent a love story can be."

It's been a while since a book took my breath away. Whew. How fortunate I am to live in a world where My Home is on the Mountain by Caro Clarke can be held against my fingertips. This may be the first book I've ever re-read immediately upon finishing. The text was really just that fruitful.
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This story is set in 1931 Tennessee and the dialect of each character reflects whether we're in the mountain or at a high society event. There's some superb dialogue in this book.
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These two woman were captivating to read. Cecilia had so much command and confidence. I love that she already accepted who she was, and how homosexuality wasn't dealt with as a shame for the characters. This was probably one of my favorite portrayals of religion in literature. We see Airey use it for guidance and moral structure, but it doesn't inhibit a more progressive thought process. Although the story turns on the relationship between these two, there are other conflicts that get addressed in turn. I would say though that once intimacy is ignited, there's a wide breadth of discovery set in domestic mountainside bliss.

The love story, which is utterly brilliant, doesn't do all the heavy lifting in terms of passion. The description of music here, and nature, are some of the most beautiful I've seen. I was ever so close to hearing a song with my eyes. Really, My Home is one the Mountain is a treat. Something to savor, if possible. I cannot recommend it enough.

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The Lesbian Review

"Absolutely don't let this one get away."

My Home Is On The Mountain by Caro Clarke is a hidden treasure. It's one of those books that is easy to overlook, but don't let this one escape you.
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This utterly satisfying story will take you on a glorious ride of music and romance set in the sweeping mountains of East Tennessee.
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The book has an excellent beginning, from the first line I was swept away in the story. Clarke has a unique voice and a beautiful way of telling a story.

The characters were clearly portrayed and I loved that the cast, while small, did have interpersonal relationships develop. For example, Cecilia got to know Airey's family and built a relationship with them as well, not just Airey. It made the story feel real. One of the other outstanding things about this book is the description of the music. It read like Clarke has a great passion for, and understanding of, music.
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Absolutely don't let this one get away. If you want a beautiful piece of work that leans more towards the literary fiction side of the spectrum in terms of writing style but still contains a passionate romance then go for it. Get this book. I absolutely recommend it. The story is well thought out, the characters feel real and the ending is perfect.

Reviewer/blog owner rates it as one of her favorite books.

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Women Using Words

"I can't recommend it enough."

My Home is on the Mountain is a brilliant piece of literature. Much like its writing, it's unpretentious and straightforward. The beauty of this book lies in its simplicity. Very rarely do readers have the pleasure of reading books of this nature. When they do, it is a real gift.
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The simple rolling dialogue is rich and reflective of mountain people. It is uncomplicated, exact and more than fitting for East Tennessee, 1931. Her beautifully woven words create a tone that spins words into humble imagery, creating a place and culture that readers can readily absorb. The vivid descriptions are a commentary of the world as it was during the Depression and readers are fully engrossed by it. It all comes together to build a story world that completely represents the setting and the characters within it.
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The result is a story readers care about. The story matters because Cecilia and Airey matter. Readers experience the story through Cecilia and Airey's skin, and they understand the stakes involved. They understand what drives these women. They understand what motivates them. And perhaps most significantly, they understand what scares them. Readers see Cecilia and Airey's truth, and it means something to them. They are impacted by the value of it.

Final remarks...
My Home is on the Mountain is not only a love story; it's a journey, one of realization and transformation. The history and geography provide a wonderful backdrop, but it's the characters that truly make this story impactive. They stick with you, and I can't recommend it enough.


  • Well-written
  • Well-plotted
  • Well-paced
  • Wonderful character development
  • Fantastic setting
  • Historically accurate
  • Immersive story world
  • Impactive and memorable

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Tome Reader Reviews

"I genuinely feel like this book is a hidden gem."

It's clear the author put a lot of effort into making the setting, 1930s America, feel real and fleshed out. The characters are also fantastically well written. I loved each and every one of them, even the ones we are meant to hate. The story is very character-driven, the emotional build-up pulling you in and you really can't help be very invested in their development all the way through.

This book was a wonderful surprise! I won't lie, at first I wasn't sure how I felt. The author takes a really interesting approach to telling this story. There's quite a bit more about the internal aspect of everything that is going on, in an almost poetic way. She also really sticks true to what feels like believable dialogue from 1930s America. I wasn't sure how I felt about this initially, but this very quickly grew on me and I found that I truly loved the writing. It really pulled me into the setting and time period.
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It's a great well-paced romance and societal drama in so many ways. Both the story and the characters carry this book all the way from beginning to end.

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She Sighed!

"If you want a well-written book..."

...with a smattering of American history, rich women with attitude and fast cars, poor women with attitude and limited life chances, live music, cultural commentary, bucket loads of nature and barn loads of shagging, then this is for you.

Woman A is a super rich trust fund baby from one of America's elite families, and a bit of a secret lesbian player on the side. She drives a fast car fast. She shags 'em and leaves 'em. It's a cruel, homophobic world in 1930s America, so what else is a girl to do? One day, driving her fast car fast up into the mountains, she stumbles upon dungaree-wearing Woman B and is instantly smitten.
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Nature is a significant player in this book, but really the star is the music and how well it's invoked. You might actually believe you can hear the Bach, Mozart and Beethoven records blasting out across the mountain. You might even put the book down for a minute and put a record on yourself (or type 'Bach' into Spotify's search box). [If I may step in, I also suggest that you listen to the music I provide on this page: About the Book. Caro Clarke]
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How can it end happily, you ask? ...There is a solution, and it worked for me, but I won't give it away here.

• Rating: Recommended.

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